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I offer a professional leadership, executive and business coaching and mentoring service to individuals and teams at executive level as well as at lower management and specialist levels within organisations (government, private sector and non-government organisations), small business owners, and to private individuals. I bring my diverse background, knowledge, skills and years of experience to my mentoring and coaching practice. I have coached and mentored locally in South Africa and internationally.

Mentoring and coaching is about understanding the present and how to shape one’s future more positively.

"I can see you fly. You are an angel with wings, high above the ground!"

(Traditional haiku poem)

Leadership, Executive and Business Coaching & Mentoring: A Value-add Proposition

I was, and still am, incredibly lucky to have had excellent mentors and coaches (both formal and informal) who have played a major role in my development as a business woman and in my personal life. I therefore personally know and appreciate the true value of a good mentor and coach. Such value created by mentoring and coaching accrues to both the individual in her / his private life, as well as where the individual is an employee, to the organisation in terms of an appreciable return on investment (ROI) through inter alia having a more fulfilled and happy staff member, as well as through the achievement of increased performance and output.

My Approach towards  Coaching & Mentoring

My definitions of mentoring and coaching are as follows:

- Mentoring: When a role model, or mentor, offers support to another person. A mentor has knowledge and experience in an area and shares it with the person being mentored. The approach is a directive one which focuses on the mentor teaching the client best practice and sharing lessons applicable to the client's needs. The "work: is therefore predominantly done by the mentor to teach the client. (Source: The Coaching Community Academy)

- Coaching: A professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven method of learning that, [through reflective conversations], seeks to develop an individual [or team] to enable them to find their own solutions. This is achieved by raising their self-awareness [and creating sustainable key shifts in cognitive, behavioral and emotional competence] in order to [unlock their full potential and to excel]. The approach is non-directive and focuses on the coach facilitating for the client an awareness raising and learning process. The "work" to reach a new level of awareness and to change what needs to be changed, is therefore done by the client. (Source: Comensa, adjusted by M. Hanekom)

Depending on the needs of the client, sometimes the focus of the individual’s or team's journey is more geared towards a mentoring action programme which will lead to increased skills, knowledge and job performance to comply with that person’s or team's job descriptions (current or immediate future job) and other times the predominant focus is coaching towards a general awareness raising related to whatever circumstances are relevant in the person’s and team's life at a specific point in time and to develop an action programme to deal with these challenges.

I strongly believe that a mentoring and coaching journey can only be successful if it is well understood that this process will involve a concerted effort by the client to participate in a dedicated way and to, in fact, take ownership of the process.


When mentoring, I ensure that I understand exactly what the client's needs are and then agree on a mentoring programme to ensure optimal transfer of knowledge and skills takes place.

Leadership, Executive and Business Coaching

When coaching, I also ensure that a clear upfront needs analysis is undertaken as part of the formal intake process with the client and from this devise a personalised development intervention to suit the client's needs.

I base my coaching on the psychological premises of the Humanistic approach (i.e. Rogers, Maslow: person-centred, holistic, personalised.) It’s about unlocking potential of people who are unique beings and generally good in nature. The coaching emphasis is on assisting & motivating coachees to grow and change in order to reach their objectives. This school is my main theoretical base and provides good start for coach/coachee relationship & building trust but I also use the following two schools of psychology to ensure a comprehensive approach towards coaching.

-  Existential approach (i.e. Frankl, Yalom) which has as its point of departure that we are all individuals with unique challenges and confronted with existential concerns, such as freedom, responsibility, meaninglessness and authenticity. During the coaching sessions, the coachees are given an opportunity to reflect on the challenges they are experiencing & decide on a course of action to address these.

-  Cognitive Behavioral approach (i.e. Allport, Ellis) which deals with internal processes – thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc – that result in behaviour.The coach and client work collaboratively to assess current belief systems, gain awareness of the connections between situations, feeling states, and automatic thoughts and behaviors.” (Good, Yeganeh & Yeganeh). The focus in on achieving long-term behavioural change.

-  Retirement transitioning. The coaching approach is based on the coaching provided, and accredited, by Retirement Options, a division of Career Partners International, LLC the industry leader in retirement coach certification and retirement readiness assessments, based in the USA. Madi Hanekom is an accredited retirement coach.

My Areas of Specialization


  • Executive and business coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Career development: advancement, job change, increased performance
  • Career development: new entrants/ re-entrants into the job market
  • Team coaching
  • Entrepreneur development: Small business consultancies
  • Optimum Work-life balance
  • Retirement coaching (for people approaching retirement/already retired, approximately 55+ years old and older))
  • Portfolio life approach


  • Project management
  • Creative and business writing
  • Small business start-ups

More Details on coaching and mentoring niches:

1. Within organizations (government, private sector and NGOs):

- Coaching at executive management as well as senior, middle and junior management level within organizations, focusing on assisting individuals and teams with (a) the achievement of specific career/business goals and mentoring in pre-determined areas related to required job skills, knowledge and work performance; (b) preparing people to move up (or sideways) on the corporate ladder; (c) dealing with changes affecting them through restructuring with the organization; (d) achieving work / life balance, (e) preparing for exiting the company (f) preparing for a new phase of life after retirement. 

- Mentoring at project management level within organisations, focusing on assisting staff members on how to become excellent project managers in the shortest possible space of time and to plan and undertake successful projects and programmes undertaking lead project management services and implementation of projects and programmes. Also mentoring project management consultants in respect of key issues affecting projects they are working on for their clients.

2. For private clients:

- Coaching and mentoring on business plans and general business advice for SMMEs.

- Coaching on planning for entry/re-entry into the job market, i.e. (a) starting work for the first time; (b) re-entering the job market after a period of having been out of the market; (c) considering to start up/grow an own small busness, etc.

- Coaching in respect of investigating a "portfolio approach" towards life, if this is what is required. This is a term used to describe a life style where a person does not devote all their time to a single job or occupation, but divides time between several jobs, projects or interests.

- Retirement coaching for people approaching retirement, and new retirees who want to explore how to deal effectively and efficiently with this new life phase.

- Coaching for dealing with personal challenges, developing an action plan for individuals and facilitating implementation thereof so that he or she might achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level.

- Mentoring business people who write business proposals and other business documentation. Mentoring for new writers who would like to do freelance journalism in terms of writing articles for magazines and newspapers.

Proven Skills and Experience

I have the following key proven experience and skills within the field of mentoring and coaching:

  • Various degrees and certificates:

            Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA)  

            B. Comm Hons (Economics)

            Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching and the Psychology of Coaching

            Certified Retirement Coach with Retirement Options (US)

    These qualifications cover a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills (please refer to the "About Us" page for more detail

  • Over 30 years work experience at senior and middle management level.
  • Over 15 years of experience in coaching and mentoring
  • Ten years' experience as independent management consultant.
  • Developed mentoring and coaching programmes in organisations.
  • Acting as mentor and coach to various individuals and teams.
  • Acting as mentor to new project managers within organisations.
  • Acting as mentor to staff of government, private sector and NGOs.
  • Business coaching and mentoring for SMME sector.


English and Afrikaans

Client List

Coach and mentor on the DigiBiz ARC programme to assist women entrepreneurs to explore possibilities to apply appropriate technologies for digitizing their businesses. May 2023. (Subcontracted to DigiBiz and the Entrepreneurial Planning Institute NPC).

Executive and Leadership Coach for senior and middle managers of (1) Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development, 2022 - 2023 and (2) SA Tourism, 2021 - 2022. (Subcontracted to the Fresh Thinking company).

Executive coach for a number of senior managers at Bayer Pharmaceutical Company, Johannesburg (Ongoing contract)

Business coach and mentor (pro bono) on the SMME Support Initiative of the University of Pretoria (Ongoing involvement)

Invited by COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors South Africa) to participate as executive coach in the coaching of 20 delegates to the Leaderex Conference held at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg on 3 & 4 September 2019.

Business mentor for Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), University of Pretoria, Enterprise Development Agency (Ongoing on various entrepreneurship development programmes).

Executive coach for senior administrative staff member of the SA Mint.

Executive and Leadership coach for manager at SA Department of Transport.

Executive and leadership coach for SA National Treasury manager (subcontracted  through Pretoria Centre for Work-based Learning).

Executive and leadership coach for senior manager at University of Pretoria.

Executive and leadership coach for senior manager at an ICT company.

Executive coach for business owner on establishing and running a new business.

Executive coach for senior partner in a company on how to exiting the current company and start her own business.

Executive and leadership coach for the Health & Welfare Sector Education & Training Authority (HWSETA), coaching three senior managers (subcontracted  through Pretoria Centre for Work-based Learning).

Leadership Coach for nine principals of secondary schools forming part of the School Management Teams (SMT) Capacity Building Programme of the Gauteng Department of Education and the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Development (current contract through Landelahni Leadership Development).

Champion Coach for the Department of Home Affairs, coaching 17 senior and middle level executives (through Fresh Thinking Holdings sub-contract).

Coaching and mentoring a number of clients in the private sector and government sector on issues relating to executive management, career development, entering/re-entering the job market, project management, retirement/ refirement, and business proposal writing (current portfolio of 15 clients).

Mentored and coached start-up entrepreneurs regarding inter alia their business plans, general management, role clarification, basic business processes, professional client interaction and presentation skills.

Coached a senior business entrepreneur based in the UK via the international ReciproCoach programme.

Mentored a senior manager of the National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) in respect of an envisaged new role for the corporation related to undertaking PPP projects in the social housing sector. 

Mentored a Chief Director of the SA Department of International Relations and Co-operation (ex Foreign Affairs) regarding her new role as project officer for the planning and execution of a new head office for the department, including PPP processes, team management and stakeholder relations. 

Coached the MD of Africa Transport Group of Companies in respect of the career development of a senior manager within the company. 

Coached key staff members of the NGO, Reach for a Dream Foundation (RFAD), Pretoria Branch, whilst serving as a member of EXCO, providing advice on strategic and operational issues. 

What clients have to say about my coaching and mentoring services

"I started my journey with Madi Hanekom in July 2022 and when I was my low point of life at the workplace which affected my health, well-being  and nearly disintegrated my  family.
What an amazing journey!! l started to learn to create a balance in life… Madi  instilled in me on how to believe in myself, to believe in my capabilities and my skills. She encouraged me to always be a priority, and think about “Tshidi First.
The above words are my daily source of strength and purpose in life. I thank you Madi for the journey well travelled madi, you are so amazing!!!"
Matshediso Mawela, Director: Land Management, Gauteng  Department of Infrastructure Development, August 2023. (Subcontractor Coach to Fresh Thinking Company)

"On the first day of introduction, the atmosphere and the feeling was amazing that the meeting
started off at a very positive point.  I selected Madi  as my coach at a time when her services were needed most
to address my personal management style, self reflection and teamwork . I must say, through the exercises, surely I could reflect on where I want to be and I worked on areas of concerns picked up in the coaching process  I am a better person. Madi was helpful to me as she has offered me an opportunity to openly and freely spr]eak out and that was a medicine to the challenges that caused some health issues sometimes. The coaching course was a very good organised program for me and the coach is super excellent with numerous appropriate exercises for my participation."
Ntombekaya Xiva, Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development, Director: Property Development, June 2023. (Subcontractor Coach to Fresh Thinking Company)

"Change Leadership Coaching has provided me with new tools for personal growth and the way of communicating with my inner child and others, both in the work environment and personal life. I have learnt more ways of getting out of the box and being able to apply my creative thinking to achieve my aspirations in leading a successful team.
   ■  I have been able to revisit my goals.
   ■  To be able to see the world in new lenses and perspective.
   ■  Executive Presence was the most exciting activity for me.
   ■  I learnt to turn my weaknesses into strengths.
   ■  It has instilled a fresh energy within myself."
Dudu Mbele, Assistant Director: Change Management, Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development, May 2023. (Subcontractor Coach to Fresh Thinking Company)

"Hi Madi, I would just like to return feedback on all our sessions since last year. You have been nothing but very professional, welcoming and warm. Above all, you listened without judgement. You were not only listening, you offered practical solutions to the challenges that I presented. I loved the Wheel of Life that we worked with where we selected issues to discuss at every session. It made the process flow quite easily. I walked out more calmer and eager to face my life and work challenges. Thanks a lot and keep doing what you do."  Mantsoaki Rabotapi, Director: Research, Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development, May 2023. (Subcontractor Coach to Fresh Thinking Company)

“Doing coaching with you, Madi, has been a life changing experience. I am inter alia now able to pitch my business in my sleep! Thank you for the mentorship you have given me over the past few months. Having had the opportunity to learn with you have made a substantial change in my career."  Nomsa Mokgohloa, MD Ntenteng Trading and Projects, November 2022. (Subcontractor Coach and Mentor to GIBS NHBRC women entrepreneurship programme).

"Coaching has boost my confidence and communication skills because I used to be scared and shaking when hearing a “presentation” or “pitching “ because standing infront of people was intimidating for me. I have improved in that era
My coach also made it easier for me to trust her and share anything even confidential information because of how she was supportive.
"  Sisanda Ngubane, MD Kendal Energy, November 2022. (Subcontractor Coach and Mentor to GIBS NHBRC women entrepreneurship programme).

"Madi, I just want to thank you for all the help and support you gave me. I now can proudly say I can do my business marketing plan and it will be bankable. I really recommend you as the best couch I ever had, be it business and personally. You can real motivate a person and uplift her to be productive and believe in herself again. All the best in your couching session. I hope Gibs will keep you for feature coaching and mentoring engagements."  Giveness Mpho Nkosi, MD Giveness Construction, October 2022. (Subcontractor Coach and Mentor to GIBS NHBRC women entrepreneurship programme).

"I, Gate Magdeline Paledi, an entrepreneur under the NHBRC Women Empowerment Program 2021/2022 would hear by like to send my gratitude and appreciation to our group and individual mentor Mrs Madi Hanekom who has played a major role in making me realize the importance of self-love and development. Her coaching and Mentorship skills enabled me to face all challenges within my business and the wheel of life, which truly balances the axis of my livelihood, with my business forging to restructuring and diversity. I would recommend her to so many as I intend to engage her in future, when I need further guidance. She truly is a great mentor. Madi, you really ran the race with me in assisting me with my business development journey. You contributed so much to the success of what I have been able to achieve. You are that iron lady! Thanks a million!"  Magdeline Paledi, MD Mmagongwane General Construction, November 2022. (Subcontractor Coach and Mentor to GIBS NHBRC Women entrepreneurship programme.)

"It has been a pleasure interacting with Madi Hanekom as my executive and leadership coach over the past 1,5 years, during very unpredictable and challenging times brought about by the COVID pandemic. She developed a bespoke coaching and mentoring programme to deal with the key issues I wanted to address as part of my personal and career development. She added value by inter alia assisting me to reflect on how best to deal with organizational restructuring and change management, executive presence, the importance of cultivating key national and international networks, team management, conflict management, and emotional intelligence. Her practical and individual approach made the coaching and mentoring sessions very relevant and uplifting.  I can highly recommend Madi as a very professional, committed and knowledgeable executive and leadership coach."  Pieter Smit, Africa Customer Marketing Lead, Bayer Crop Science (Proprietary) Ltd  (Johannesburg). July 2021.

 "Madi has a professional and passionate approach to coaching. She listens well and provides guidance that is tailored to each situation or challenge. It was a great pleasure working with Madi, our sessions were always enlightening and propelled me to introspect and do better. I benefited immensely from working with you, thank you, Madi."  Nonku Khumalo– Corporate and Internal Communications Manager, SA Tourism, June 2021. (Subcontractor coach to the Fresh Thinking Coaching Programme for SA Tourism).

"Madi is a professional coach and mentor who puts in a lot of effort and time with her coachees.  She writes up detailed reports on their progress which shows the personal interest she takes in the development of her coachees.  She is always on time with her assigned duties, and it has been a pleasure working with her."  Feroza Essop, Senior Programme Manager,  The University of Pretoria's Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), December 2020.  

"I had a phenomenal coaching session. The coach, Madi Hanekom, was professional and asked relevant questions that allowed me to identify a few key items I needed to work on with regards to my challenge. The coach also offered to send me a template to work on that would support my situation. It was a short session, but meaningful and impactful. I would certainly recommend her services"  Derusha Ganapathy Juta, entrepreneur, September 2020. (Mentored as part of the BizOil Friday Online Programme).

"Madi, Thank you so much.  Our session was very informative.  I really appreciate the time you spent with me.  You have given me good pointers and insight to work on and explore."  Nicky van der Walt, start-up entrepreneur, September 2020. (Mentored as part of the BizOil Buza Friday Online Programme).

“Madi, the sessions with you have guided and assisted me in growing towards being a good Leader, be able to handle myself in difficult situations, and I have grown over the period while being coached by you.  You guided me to ensure that I know how to show up and demonstrate ‘Executive’ presence’ in the following Key areas: Competence, communication, personal brand, courage and over and above to be political savvy.  You have guided me in ensuring that I look for opportunities to operate and contribute at a strategic level.” Senior Manager, Bayer Proprietary (Ltd), February 2020.

"Madi, it was really a great pleasure to receive couching lessons from you. I have learnt a great deal of useful information that has changed my life and understanding the dynamics in the business world. What stands out most are:

  • I do understand the lines of communication better in our business and how to  address each level of authority.
  • There  was a conflict within my subordinates and your guidance on how to handle  this conflict helped me big time and I feel I can handle professionally any other conflict that might arise in my department.
  • You assisted me to think through how  I must carry myself in a way that will command executive presence in a positive way within the company.
  • The  Wheel of Life gave me the opportunity to look at myself as an individual on the life balance and allowed me to see the right way of my life on areas that needs improvement.
  • The  icing on the cake was understanding the Emotional Intelligence and why people with higher Emotional Intelligence are more successful in real life.

 I really thank you for being my Coach." Grashan Betimas, Finance Head, Zande Company, December 2019. (Sub-contract via GIBS EDA)

"I wish to thank you for your involvement with a colleague at the SA Mint as her coach. You have been a good fit and match for her. It has made a tremendous impact on her." Tumi Tsehlo: Managing Director, SA Mint, August 2019.

"Thank you for the Retirement Assessment coaching you did for me.  I appreciate our sessions very much. It was interesting to discuss the outcome of the assessment with  you. Especially the ones I disagreed with, that you elucidated so well. Hope we can discuss some more sooner or later." Ansie de Swardt, recent retiree and business woman, November 2017.

"Thank  you for all your guidance and assistance, It is of great value to me and I feel that I am on the right path of finding myself." Senior Manager, SA National Treasury, July 2016.

"The coach exercised empathy and a keen understanding of the challenges faced by management in organisations in South Africa. With attention to detail, process and leadership skills, the coaching was a valuable undertaking and ha provided the coachee with an integral too set for functioning optimally as not only as a manager but also a leader. I would recommend Ms Hanekom to any professional person who wishes to improve and enhance their business environment through effective business and leadership skills." Senior Manager in ICT sector (Contact details available), March 2015.

"Madi has the ability to pinpoint with her questions, the problems and solutions I face. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive. I would recommend Madi as a coach to any client." Annette Versluis, March 2015.

"Madi is a passionate, dedicated and persistent coach.  She is so passionate about her coaching that even after the coaching has ending she would do follow-ups to find out how I was doing.  Thank you, Madi, for your persistence and coaching me during a time of my life were it felt as if I was drowning.  During this period I cried, I laughed, I got angry when Madi said “but why do you think this is so?, but at the end I could go back to “but why do you think thiTs is so?” and actually find the answer in an intellectual manner myself. So what did I gain from the coaching?  I can positively say that I look at my job differently, react to matters and deal with problems differently and work with my staff differently.  Just in six months time, through coaching with Madi, I changed the way I looked at life on a work and personal level and brought my life back to the basics by balancing my work and personal life." Marie Annandale, HR Manager, July 2014.

"Madi, I have learned a lot from our coaching sessions. I am grateful so ever for having chosen you as a coach and you having agreed to have me as your coachee. I hope the difference that you have made in my life you will do for others after me. I am forever grateful." Motshidisi Mogamisi, District Manager, Department of Home Affairs. 

"Madi is a dedicated and professional coach and I can highly recommend her as an executive coach to any client." Dr Meshack Khosa, MD of Fresh Thinking Holdings (Main contractor for Dept of Home Affairs coaching project), February 2013.

"Madi is a committed, professional and passionate coach who knows how to be both challenging and supportive to assist her clients with unlocking their full potential and to excel. With her assistance I have grown in career and outlook. I can highly recommend her as an executive coach." Cathy Magodi, GM, SITA, February 2013.

"Madi is a lovely, gentle but firm and supportive coach. She has excellent listening skills and regularly checks her understanding of what has been said throughout the session. She 'tuned in' to my habitual behaviour patterns and helped me to try to shift them. Madi helped me become aware of what my work life balance really was. She is a versatile and supportive coach with a strong focus on helping her clients find and achieve their end game." Jacky Tustain, Business owner, mother and wife, United Kingdom, February 2013.

"Madi coached and mentored us on the development of our business plan, general management and clarification of our management roles, presentation skills and legal contracts, thereby enabling us to better understand the business environment within which we are operating and how to approach and interact with our clients. She used both coaching (targeted questioning) and mentoring (sharing lessons learnt) techniques. Madi is very knowledgeable in her areas of expertise, always professional in their approach and knew how to challenge us in a constructive way. We’ll have no hesitation in approaching her again for further assistance in future and can highly recommend her services to other small businesses." Teboho Mashele & Thando Mdluli, Directors: Freshman Productions, January 2013.

"I learned a great deal from your years of experience as a coach. I hope we can continue a coaching relationship for many years to come." Amina Abu-Bakare, Coach in private practice, Canada, September 2012.

"I would very much like to keep the door open [for future coaching sessions]and have experienced much benefit from our interactions." Business owner, August 2012.

"I'm really looking forward to the world of work but at the same time am unsure of what to expect. The mentoring sessions with Madi helped me to think through my strengths and weaknesses and to start targeting the right kind of jobs for me. She also assisted with a professional looking CV and put me through a mock interview, giving me damn hard time in the process! But it helped me a lot to prepare for the real deal." Rein Snoeck Henkemans, New entrant to the job market, March 2012. (Featured in City Press iMag article on Mentoring, 08/04/12)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful coaching sessions, Madi! It has made a tremendous difference in my life and career." Senior Manager, Gauteng Province, October 2011.

"Your coaching and mentoring has led me to understand that I can follow a different and more constructive approach towards dealing with difficult situations in my work environment. Thank you very much." Senior Manager, SA Parastatal, October 2011.

"Madi Hanekom served as a 'Captain of Industry' on the Reach For A Dream Pretoria based Executive Committee for three and half years. She made an enormous contribution towards enhancing the stature of the Pretoria branch as well as the team’s functionality. Her professional standing and relationships within a cross section of businesses and industries helped enormously in placing Reach For A Dream “on the map” which in turn enabled us to fulfill more dreams and instill hope within families whose children are suffering from life threatening illnesses". Mervyn Serebro, Vice-Chairman, Reach for a Dream Foundation, and CEO of Vusani Property Investments (Pty) Ltd, July 2010.

“My successes in the Development Bank are as a result of my manager (Madi Hanekom), who was a manager; mentor; coach. Her ever willingness and the desire to take her subordinates to the next level never failed her. She always encouraged staff to reach out to the next level – there’s no boundaries to knowledge. It's 12 years since we parted ways but the support; guidance and exchanging of ideas never parted ways. Thank you Madi." Logi Naidoo, Co-ordinator: Loan Administration, Development Bank of Southern Africa, February 2010.

"Madi is one of those rare individuals who always exceeds one's expectations! Her many years at board level and her profound professionalism equips her to evoke the best out of people. Her ability to share her extensive knowledge and vast experience facilitates her coachees/mentees to reach their full potential." Elaine Strydom, Past President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (Nawbo), and the MD of Africa Transport Group of Companies, February 2010.

"Madi has been involved with Reach For A Dream for 3 years and through that time has assisted the office with her Project Management expertise. She also mentored Louise Bester (PR & Events Coordinator) with one of her projects namely the Reach For A Dream School Tin Drive which proved to be a great success. Madi has truly been an asset to our office and we thank her for her dedication and support." Louise Bester, PR & Events Co-ordinator, Reach for a Dream Foundation, Pretoria Branch, February 2010.

"Madi has the ability to listen carefully, provide relevant input and deliver proactive and holistic solutions. I value her input." Jessica Cronje, Relationship Executive, Absa Corporate & Business Bank, February 2010.

Some Articles published on Coaching and Mentoring

1. Article in COMENSA News, Mentoring & Coaching: Logical or Toxic mix?, December 2012 (

2. Article in The Media Online, Freelancing: Heaven or Hell?, 14 August 2012 ((


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